Snow Services

Snow services are offered by contract for the season starting November 15th to April 15th.

(Residential, Small Commercial no salting required)

All snow removal / plowing services include:

  • Shoveling in front of all garage doors

  • Shoveling front walkway up to front door

  • Plowing entire driveway

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Rapid response times

  • Great customer service

  • Winter Contracts go from November 15 - April 15.

Example of our Terms and Conditions which are part of the Winter Contract.


Winter contract will commence November 15, (YEAR) and end on April 15, (YEAR). Upon the commencement of a snowfall, Routes Property Services Ltd. shall perform the work described in these Specifications under Section “B”. This contract is based on unlimited plows throughout the outlined timelines in Section “B”. The Owner will pay Routes Property Services Ltd. the seasonal price for plowing and/or shovel designated walkways in one full payment stated in Section (A).

Routes Property Services Ltd. will plow and/or shovel designated walkways upon accumulation that has ceased for a timeline of approximately 2-3 hours, plow and/or shovel designated walkways that have accumulated to two (2) inches or more of snow. Routes Property Services Ltd. will monitor the weather conditions in the vicinity of the premises and in accordance with specifications within, Routes Property Services Ltd will plow and/or shovel designated walkways within 8 hours of the ending of a snowfall. If a further accumulation of 2 or more inches of snow occurs during that snowfall, Routes Property Services Ltd. will return to perform work in accordance with the specifications within Section “B” within 24 hours following the end of that snowfall.

On a normal snowfall which has accumulated two (2) inches driveways and/or designated walkways will be cleared once per 10 hour period. Plowing times are dependent on snow accumulations and may vary from day to day. Snow is plowed to, and stored at on-site locations.

Routes Property Services Ltd. shall have total control of the work and shall provide all the labour and equipment to perform necessary services. Routes Property Services Ltd. shall comply with all laws, rules, regulations and building and fire codes, comply with Municipal By-Laws. Though we accept responsibility for damages caused by driver error, Routes Property Services Ltd. is not responsible for damages to REASONABLY unseen, unforeseen or unmarked objects, driveways which are unable to withstand normal snow removal operations, driveways with less two (2) inches of asphalt, or whose bases are water saturated or poorly compacted, damage to concrete, asphalt, sod, grass and planting materials due to the application of ice melting products and surface damage to curbs and asphalt due to clearing and chipping of snow and ice or by labour disputes, lock outs, fire, or by any other circumstance reasonably beyond Routes Property Services Ltd.’s control, including heavy winter conditions, then the time for the performance of that portion of the work shall be extended until such time as Routes Property Services Ltd. is no longer so delayed.

There will be NO snow plowing services available on December 24th & 25th also December 31st & January 1st.

Owners, tenants, guests or any other present party will not hold Routes Property Services Ltd. responsible for any accidents which occur on, or around, the driveway before, during or after snow removal which does not directly involve our equipment.

Owners, tenants, guests, etc. agree not to place any obstacles in, or alongside, the driveway and/or designated walkways. If there are obstacles present Routes Property Services Ltd. will not plow or shovel that portion of the driveway and/or designated walkways. Routes Property Services Ltd. does NOT shovel public walkways, between or around cars that are parked, stopped or temporarily positioned on the driveway due to insurance and liability issues that could present themselves due to customers unreasonable comprehension of a situation.

If, for any reason, the contracting party wishes to cancel this agreement, Routes Property Services Ltd. will charge a 10% cancellation fee of the total cost of contract plus HST and all previously rendered plow and/or shovel designated walkways services at a rate of 10% from total contract price including taxes (example: 10% of a $400.00 + HST contract is $40.00 + HST per visit), Routes Property Services Ltd. will refund the unused balance of the snow removal contract.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations or agreements. No act, or failure to act shall constitute a waiver of any right or duty under this Agreement nor constitute an approval of, or acquiescence to, any breach of this agreement unless expressly agreed in writing by both parties.

Servicing all residential locations in (Georgina) Keswick, (East Gwillimbury) Mount Albert, Queensville, Sharon & surrounding areas.

Landscape Maintenance Services / Landscaping Company / Property Maintenance which includes Snow Removal-Plowing